CO-CREATOR CLASS: How to Build the Life You Want

Hosted by Randa Eason - Johnson, 25+ Year Veteran Educator & Spiritualist









The Co-Creator Process 

is beautiful yet arduous because we are talking about a lifetime of programming and misunderstanding.  Co-Creating the life you want takes time, patience and KNOWLEDGE!  Come and get the knowledge your soul craves.  

CO-CREATOR CLASS: How To Build The Life You Want

What You Will Learn & The Benefits:

What a Spirit Team?

We will give an overview of the spiritual hierachy and discuss who and what is part of a Spirit Team?

Why God has given us a Spirit Team?

We will demonstrate the NEED for the GOD-GIVEN heavenly support system and more importantly - HOW TO TAP into YOUR SPIRIT TEAM.

How to benefit from the wisdom and support of YOUR SPIRIT TEAM!

We will explore what you need to do continuously get divine insight from YOUR SPIRIT TEAM on a regular basis without the need for psychics, tarot readers, prophets, and the like.  

Get additional supports along your spiritual journey!

We will give you our template of additional supports that you can mimic on your own or join us in this beautiful journey.  


Knowledge is the first step to understanding.  Once you understand the wonderment of the spiritual realm and your position in it, you will be able to apply insights and garnish the benefits of your knowledge.


You can take the insights from the class and build out a support system that will help track and ensure your spiritual and practical progress in obtaining your life goals and building the life you want.  


Once you see how infinitely connected you are to the spiritual realm, you can use the tools GOD has given you to entertain and engage with your divine support system, receiving insight after insight, benefit after benefit.  


There will be NO NEED to search for earnest and honest spiritualist outside of yourself.  No need to pray and pay for someone else to gain insights you already have divine access to.  No more subjecting yourself to other people's negative energies while trying to tap into your blessings.

Randa M. Johnson, 25+ year Veteran Educator & Spiritualist

Hosted by 25+ year veteran educator & trained spiritualist, Randa has been blessed with the gift of spiritual insight for decades.  Honoring her SPIRIT TEAM's directive to "TEACH PEOPLE YOUR PROCESS," she started providing spiritual services to people outside of her immediate circle during COVID season, 2020.  Since, she has served people throughout the United States, United Kingdom, India, Philippines, the Caribbean, and more.  In a short time span, she has served thousands, developed courses and classes  and deemed as a GREAT SPIRITUALIST by world renowned priests of various traditions.  In addition, she has been given the honor of an advanced religious ranking due to her personal power and its use in spiritism.  She looks forward to reaching more people with her special brand of healing throughout empowering people to help themselves. 

"PRIVACY is an essential part of LPEG's integrity policy. The Spiritual Journey is a private and personal path that we honor. All testimonials are submitted anonymously to protect the all participants. "



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